PowerPoint Slides for Real Estate Transfer, Finance & Development

Nelson, Whitman, Burkhart & Freyermuth (8th ed. 2009)

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These slide are in PowerPoint format. They begin with the material on mortgages on pp. 99-116, and then cover the material from Chapters 3 through 6. Anyone teaching the course is free to use them or adapt them. I last used these particular slides in Florida, so occasionally you will find a slide oriented toward Florida law; feel free to replace it with your own state’s law if you wish. But please don’t change the posted version.

The actual files of the slides are on my Microsoft Skydrive site, with links to them below. You can either view the slides (which appear in the PowerPoint Web App), or download the PowerPoint files to your own computer. To download a file from the PowerPoint Web App, click “File” on the menu at the upper left of the screen, then click “Save As” and ” “Download.”

1. Introduction to Real Estate Finance

2. Mortgage Foreclosure – overview

3. Clogging and the Absolute Deed

4. Installment contract sales

5. Assignments of installment contracts

6. The negative pledge

7. Mortgages and leases

8. Rents and receiverships

9. Waste

10. Environmental liability

11. Insurance and eminent domain proceeds

12. Escrow accounts and prorations

13. Due-on-sale clauses

14. Transfers by the mortgagor

15. Transfers by the mortgagee

16. PSA and REMIC violations

17. Payment and prepayment

18. Foreclosure and omitted parties

Other Materials: