Law School Reopening Plan

The University of Missouri School of Law has worked to mitigate the risks from COVID-19 as our community plans to return to Hulston Hall. The guidelines in the Show Me Renewal Plan and the actions that the Law School has taken are done with the purpose of keeping our students, faculty and staff as safe as possible during this challenging time. The guidelines established here are susceptible to change as conditions warrant.

Please act in accordance with the guidelines set forth below and in the university’s plan out of respect for your own health and welfare but also for the health and welfare of each of the other members of the law school community.

Reopening Plan – Reminders

Face Coverings – Students

Students are expected to supply and maintain their own face coverings. Students are required to wear face coverings in Hulston Hall at all times UNLESS they are the sole occupant of an enclosed private work space with a door (e.g. an office), a study carrel does not suffice. In class, students are required to wear face coverings. If a student forgets their face covering, there will be disposable face coverings available for the student to wear. If a student however refuses to wear a face covering the student will be asked to leave and reported to the MU Student Accountability Process (MU COVID Safety Measures Reporting Form) and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs as a Law School Honor Code violation.

Face Coverings – Faculty/Staff

In class, faculty will wear face shields. Outside of class, faculty will also be required to wear face coverings throughout the building with the exception of when they are in their office alone.

Social Distancing – Diagram – 1st Floor Hulston Hall

6 feet between individuals is the recommended distance and has been measured in classrooms, corridors, common areas, the library, etc., throughout Hulston.


Students will be required to sit only in designated seats that will be marked. A seating chart with the students’ names will be completed before the first day of class. Students are required to wear face coverings in class and while in Hulston Hall. Students will enter and exit the classrooms through designated doors and will fill in seats starting from the front of the classroom to the back at the beginning of class. While waiting to enter class, floor markers will show you where to stand in line to keep a safe distance. At the end of class, students will leave starting from the back row to the front. NOTE: Room 7 and Room 112 (the Courtroom) will exit into the Courtyard.

Synchronous Study Rooms

For classes that are online and synchronous, the law school has approximately 22 study rooms available for student use. Students in Advocacy and Research will be assigned a room for online synchronous classes (see the course schedules for scheduled times). When not in use for these courses or when there is no reservation, the rooms are available for others to use for online synchronous classes. If all of the rooms are occupied, please consult the resource chart to find an available space on campus (the university is populating that list and it will be made available once it has been created).

Library Seating/Rooms

    1. Each seat in the library is reservable including soft seats, study carrels, tables, standing desks, and study rooms. Please reserve a seat anytime you come into the Law Library. The seat reservation system will be open at all times, except 4-6 am. Follow this link for a map of all reservable seats in the law library.
    2. Bookmark to reserve a seat in the library.  When you arrive to your seat you’ll need to ‘check in’, and when you leave ‘check out.’
    3. Follow instructions using your confirmation email to check in and check out of your seat or use the QR code connected to your seat. You can find a QR code reader in the App store of your phone. You can check in up to 30 minutes in advance of your reservation time slot and start using the seat if no one else has reserved it.
    4. You may reserve a seat on Floors 1, 2 & 3 up to 7 days in advance. On these floors you may reserve a seat for a 4-hour block of time up to 40 hours per week.
    5. Study rooms have limited weekday availability when not in use for 1L synchronous classes (LRW & Lawyering). See Fall 2020 Course Grid for scheduled times.
    6. The library subplaza seats allow same-day reservations only for up to 2 hours per day. This is the only location in the library where you are allowed to eat and we want everyone to be able to have a chance to use that space. We’ve placed a microwave there for your convenience.
    7. For safety reasons you are not permitted to leave belongings overnight. This will allow our custodial staff to thoroughly clean during their shifts.

Common Areas

In common areas, such as the student lounge and kitchen, furniture has been arranged to adhere to the 6 feet social distance guidelines. DO NOT MOVE OR REARRANGE THE FURNITURE.

Hallways, Walkways and Corridors

In most corridors, there is 6 feet of social distance for individuals to pass. In some areas, the distance is less than 6 feet, please move quickly through these spaces staying as far to one side as possible. For example, the corridor in front of the Admissions Office and the Career Development Office is one such space.

Directional Walking Paths

The Law School has identified directional walking paths throughout the building. Please adhere to them when walking to and from classes, offices, the library, etc.

Entering and Exiting

The doors to Hulston Hall have been marked as either entrance or exit doors. A determination on whether the building will be publicly accessible is still being made. The library will be accessible only with your University of Missouri ID card. The public will be able to access the library by appointment only. PLEASE CARRY YOUR ID WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. 


The maximum occupancy for the elevators is one UNLESS an individual is differently abled and needs assistance. Please use the stairs. DO NOT lean on the walls of the elevator or touch your face after using elevator buttons. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after you exit the elevator.


Stairways have been designated as Up and Down. Please be aware and adhere to the signage.

Student Activities and Other Gatherings

We encourage the use of remote (e.g. Zoom) format for student activities. If face-to-face events need to be scheduled, we require that all social distancing guidelines be followed. Please use outdoor spaces when possible for gatherings. Please use the courtyard for student organization tabling and other activities. Students tabling for an organization will be required to move tables from Room 107 and to return them at the end of the 1 p.m. hour. If food is to be provided at an event, please limit it to pre-packaged food, and it must be served with limited contact. Buffet options will not be allowed.

Office Hours/Appointments

Appointments with Staff: Please refrain from visiting staff offices UNLESS absolutely necessary. Please utilize email and other non-in-person contact methods to conduct business.

Appointments with Faculty: Please refrain from visiting faculty offices UNLESS absolutely necessary. Please utilize email and other non-in-person contact methods to conduct business or arrange to meet in a space where 6 feet social distancing can be observed.


All classrooms and auditoriums were fogged by early June and have since remained unused. Classrooms will be cleaned daily. Restrooms will be cleaned daily.

Off-Campus Positive Test

If you live off campus and test positive for COVID-19, please stay home during this time. You will hear from a public health contact investigator who will start contact tracing. Email the Mizzou Care Team ( if you would like additional support.

A Care Team member can:

  • Contact your academic dean and let them know you will not be attending class due to health reasons. The academic dean would then inform your instructors via email, copying you on that message and encouraging you to stay in contact with your instructors regarding your coursework.
  • Encourage symptom tracking and student/patient communication with your health care provider regarding symptoms of concern.
  • Inquire about your other needs (such as food, laundry, medications, mental health, etc.) and direct you to resources to meet those needs.
  • Encourage you to contact the Care Team as needed during your time in isolation.
  • The Care Team operates in a manner that protects your privacy.

Contact Tracing

If you are contacted about possible exposure to a COVID-19 positive person, you will hear by phone, text or email from a contact tracer that you may have been exposed to a person with the infection. You will not be told the identity of the person to whom you were exposed. The tracer will also not know the name of the positive person they are tracing to keep confidentiality. You will be encouraged to self-quarantine by staying home and maintaining physical distance from others (at least 6 feet) and wear a mask until 14 days after your last exposure, in case you become ill.

You will receive education, information and support to understand your risk and information about how:

  • To separate yourself from others who are ill.
  • To monitor yourself for illness – checking your temperature twice daily, watching for a cough and shortness of breath.
  • You could spread the infection to others even if you do not feel ill. If you do develop symptoms, you should notify public health staff and contact MU Student Health Center or your health care provider to be evaluated for infection and the need for medical care.

Roommate or a Close Contact

A close contact is a person who has had contact of 15 minutes or more and been within 6 feet of a person who tested positive for the virus. You are also considered a close contact if you have had physical contact with a COVID-19 positive patient. You will hear from public health contact tracer.

  • If you live off-campus, you will need a public health release statement to resume campus activities.
  • If you live in student housing, you will be moved into a 14-day quarantine housing meant for those exposed to COVID-19 patients. This housing is in a building separate from the housing for students who have tested positive. Campus facilities will thoroughly disinfect your room. You should increase your vigilance in monitoring your symptoms daily. If you develop symptoms, you should notify the public health contact tracer who contacted you and MU Student Health Center or your health care provider.

To get released from isolation/quarantine:

  • You will be released from isolation/quarantine once you’ve received a public health “release statement.”
  • If you live off-campus, you will need a public health release statement to resume campus activities.

Student Accountability Office and Honor Code

The guidelines set forth in the Show Me Renewal Plan and outlined here are considered to be university policies for which you are required to follow. Failure to adhere to the guidelines will cause you to be reported to the MU Student Accountability Office and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the law school. Incidents that are reported must also be reported to the bar examiners of the jurisdiction that you will sit as a part of Character & Fitness. The reporting form can be found here: MU COVID Safety Measures Reporting Form