NYC Charter School Sues Teachers’ Union over Continuing CBA

In response to a demand by the union to arbitrate several grievances, and in an attempt to avoid the provisions of what could be termed a “successor agreement” KIPP, the country’s largest Charter School network, has filed a complaint against the New York City Teachers’ Union. The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) represents thousands of NYC teachers in all five boroughs, but KIPP argues that their contract is no longer valid for the 80 teachers in its South Bronx campus. The situation is an interesting one, because the KIPP school was originally founded within a public school at that site, which has since been closed by the NYC Department of Education. The KIPP charter school operates in the same building and the teachers involved, who formerly taught at the site when it was a public school, have continued to pay union dues.

See KIPP v. UFT: Charter Network Sues Union, Arguing It Doesn’t REpresent School’s Teachers.