Diveristy Student Profile

Contessa Brundridge, 2L

Contessa Brundridge

Hometown: Willard, Missouri
Undergraduate: Drury University

Mizzou & Local Favorites

  • Local Dining: Flat Branch
  • Study Spot: the Law Library
  • Recreational Activity: Softball
  • Law School Course: Contracts with Professor Lambert
  • Extra-Curricular Law School Event: Battle of the Gavel softball tournament and Trivia Nights
  • Nightlife Destination: Harpos
  • Weekend Destination: Mizzou football games
  • Mizzou Sport: Football

"Mizzou felt like home. It was the most inclusive and welcoming environment of any law school I visited."

Contessa’s several years in public service and founding of a nonprofit with her sister opened her eyes to the various roles that lawyers engage in beyond the stereotypical and led her to law school. The accepting culture created by Mizzou students, faculty and staff helped her know Mizzou was the right choice. Like many law school students, during her first year, she was overwhelmed with the myriad of opportunities for involvement in competitions, events and organizations. Her anxiety taught her the value of prioritizing and planning ahead, and she soon realized that with so much available everyone finds his or her niche quickly. She competes and has advanced in several Board of Advocates competitions, which are developing her confidence and desire for a career in litigation following law school. Contessa values the importance of occasionally stepping away to refocus and recharge. Oftentimes, this includes close law school friends, who understand the experience they all share.


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