Diveristy Student Profile

Hugo Armando Lopez, 1L

Hugo Armando Lopez

Hometown: Santa Ana, California
Undergraduate: University of California, Berkeley

Mizzou & Local Favorites

  • Local Dining: Student Center
  • Study Spot: the Law Library computer lab quiet room
  • Recreational Activity: Soccer and Basketball
  • Law School course: Lawyering
  • Extra-Curricular Law School Event: Battle for the Gavel softball tournament
  • Columbia Area Park: Stephens Park
  • Nightlife Destination: Quinton’s
  • Weekend Destination: Hanging out at home

"I want to go back to my community and be the voice for the voiceless, advocate for those in need who lack the resources, knowledge, or education to fend for themselves."

Hugo found his inspiration to attend law school in the fact that he comes from a community that is historically underrepresented in the law. He considers himself fortunate to have visited Mizzou Law prior to making his final decision because his visit confirmed that it was the right place for him. Anticipating that he would be in the minority, he was pleased to learn that the Law School is actively trying to diversify its community. Active engagement first drew Hugo to Mizzou Law and it keeps him feeling at home, despite being an out-of-state student. The Career Services Office and a solid group of friends have helped smoothly acclimate him to Columbia. The professors have made a concerted effort to get to know him on and off campus, and they have inspired him along with his previous teaching experience to possibly teach law at some point during his legal career.

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