Diveristy Student Profile

Amanda Johnson, 3L

Amanda Johnson

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Undergraduate: University of Arizona

Mizzou & Local Favorites

  • Local Dining: Kampai Sushi
  • Study Spot: Third floor of the Law Library
  • Distraction: Bravo reality shows
  • Extra-Curricular Law School Event: Student Bar Association dance parties at Deja Vu
  • Columbia Area Park: MKT Nature and Fitness Trail
  • Nightlife Destination: Piano Bar
  • Coffee Spot: Starbucks on Ninth Street
  • Weekend Destination: the Law Library

"The affordability combined with the quality professors and sense of community made me realize I would get the best return on my investment at Mizzou Law."

An interest in education reform led Amanda to law school, where she hoped to learn about law and its influence on public education. Instead she found that law school could provide so much more. Learning about different areas of law expanded her interests and pushed her to not limit herself to just one topic. She became involved with the Women’s Law Association, earned a position on the editorial board of the Missouri Law Review, works part-time at a firm in Columbia and serves as an advisor to her sorority. Expanding her interests allowed Amanda to expand her friend and colleague community around Columbia. She didn’t know anyone in the area when she moved here, but building lasting relationships that would continue after graduation was an important goal. Surrounded by a variety of successful people, she initially found herself intimidated, but focusing on her own strengths and broadening her interests made her realize that law school is a common experience that allows all different types of people to blend together.

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