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General Resources

ADRHub – Portal operated by Creighton University Program on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
CRInfo – The Conflict Resolution Information Source – probably the most extensive website on conflict resolution. See also Conflict Resolution Consortium. – Very extensive website on mediation with directory of mediators and lots of short, practical articles. Offers email newsletter.
University of Missouri School of Law Dispute Resolution Resources for Legal Education
Mitchell Hamline Dispute Resolution Institute Scholarship and Applied Practice Projects
Convenor – This webpage is maintained by Christopher Honeyman, a former labor mediator and arbitrator and an intellectual entrepreneur in the dispute resolution field.
Resolution Systems Institute – This website has a database of abstracts of research publications, court rules and forms, and more.
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Catherine Morris’ bibliography – This is a very extensive bibliography.
John Lande’s list of selected readings
Annotated reading list from the Tower of Babel Symposium on negotiation theory
University of Massachusetts Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution Online ODR Bibliography
Federal Judicial Center publications (including many on ADR)
Reading list about our racial history
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Dispute Resolution Organizations

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
American Arbitration Association (which does mediation too)
American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution
Association for Conflict Resolution
Association of Missouri Mediators
CADRE, The National Center on Dispute Resolution – CADRE focuses on dispute resolution in special education.
Federal Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
International Academy of Mediators
International Association for Conflict Management
International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution – CPR’s mission is to incorporate ADR into the mainstream of corporate law department and law firm practice.
National Academy of Arbitrators
Organizations promoting truth and reconciliation
Victim Offender Mediation Association
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Practical Resources

Ron Kelly’s website – Ron Kelly is a Berkeley, California mediator whose website provides practical resources for mediators and detailed commentary on the various Uniform Mediation Act drafts, among other things.
Robert Benjamin’s website – Robert Benjamin is a mediator now based in Oregon who writes very provocative articles.
Stephen R. Marsh’s website – Steven R. Marsh is a Dallas mediator who maintains a website with a lot of articles and resources.
Tom Valenti’s website – Tom Valenti is a Chicago-based dispute professional whose website has a variety of interesting material.
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