Current Issue


Remorse in Parole Hearings: An Elusive Concept with Concrete Consequences

by Nicole Bronnimann • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 321 (2020)

Unregistered Complaints

by Christine Suzanne Davik • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 357 (2020)

Greening the Old New Deal: Strengthening Rural Electric Cooperative Supports and Oversight to Combat Climate Change

by Gabriel Pacyniak • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 409 (2020)

Big Sports Have Big Environmental and Social Consequences

by Gina S. Warren • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 495 (2020)


Multiparty Joinder and Venue: How Missouri is Acting Against Historic Procedural Law Principles in an Effort to Curb Forum Shopping

by Jackson Gilkey • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 525 (2020)

Compliance Issues: The Supreme Court’s Confusing Messages to Municipalities

by Abigail Greene • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 547 (2020)

The Slow-Me State: The Emergence of Internet Sales Taxation and Missouri’s Anomalous Response

by Claire Hawley • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 567 (2020)

Who Makes the Rules Around Here? The Missouri Legislature Redefines Discovery

by Maddie McMillian • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 585 (2020)

Risk of Choking to Death on One’s Own Blood Is Not Cruel and Unusual Punishment

by Calla M. Mears • 85 Mo. L. Rev. 609 (2020)