Current Issue


Untangling Defamation Law: Guideposts for Reform

by Lyrissa Lidsky • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)


The Filming Dilemma: The Potential Speech Cost Presented by Camera Coverage of Defamation Cases

by Alexandra M. Gutierrez • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Internet Famous: Are Online Influencers and Micro-Celebrities Public Figures Under Defamation Law?

by Frank D. LoMonte and Stephanie J. Leibert • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

All the Rumors are True: Verification, Actual Malice, and Celebrity Gossip

by Jasmine E. McNealy • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Revisiting Rosenbloom: Can A Return to the “Matter of Public Concern” Standard in Defamation Cases Quiet Sullivan’s Skeptics?

by Amy Kristin Sanders • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

A Duty to Impeach: Libel and Modern Liberalism after Dobbs

by Matthew L. Schafer • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)


Half Past Inexcusable: The Lanham Act Needs to Disassociate with the Doctrine of Laches

by Jared Gillen • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Form Over Substance: How Tort Reform Policy Prevailed Over Constitutional Protection

by Kate Frerking • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Let’s Not Talk About It: How Courts Apply Constitutional Avoidance and Qualified Immunity as a Shield for Law Enforcement Officers

by Hanna M. Metzler • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Fraudulent Fiancée: Protecting Healthcare Distributors Under a Stricter Causal Standard for Anti-Kickback Violations

by Fabian Reyher • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Risky Routes: Modified Personal Vehicles, Public Safety, and Postal Services Under the Federal Tort Claims Act

by Mary J. Smith • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Dark Clouds Looming: The Uncertain Safety of Welfare Benefits for Probationers and Parolees

by Anthony M. Whalen • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)