Current Issue


The NCAA’s Punts on Transgender Student-Athlete Participation

by Josh Lens • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

The Race to Ban Race: Legal and Critical Arguments Against State Legislation to Ban Critical Race Theory in Higher Education

by Vanessa Miller, Frank Fernandez, & Neal H. Hutchens • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Gubernatorial Influence in Merit-Based Judicial Selection: Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado, 2012-2021

by Zachary Reger • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

The Curious Case of Tort Liability for a Defective Product That the Defendant Did Not Make, Sell, or Distribute

by Marin Roger Scordato • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)


Temporary Access and Permanent Consequences: The Misapplication of Takings Jurisprudence to State Regulations That Benefit the Public Welfare

by Maria Ceriotti • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too (Unless You Are Danny Brock): The Irony of Missouri’s Co-Employee Liability Statute

by Taylor M. Harrington • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Federal Common Law’s Long Shadow: Shedding Light on State Law Rights to Postpetition Default Interest

by Evan Miller • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

The Right to Remain Silent… Sometimes: Why § 1983 Claims for Miranda Violations Are Necessary to Fifth Amendment Protection

by Logan Moore • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

All Aboard? Missouri Statute Risks Failing to Protect Consumers from Hidden Fees and Deceptive Practices of Prominent Companies

by Ethan E. Schroeder • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)

Should the Federal Circuit Stand Down on Standing?

by Avery J. Welker • 88 Mo. L. Rev. (2023)