Current Issue


Ending Political Discrimination in the Workplace

by Craig R. Senn • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)

Born-Again RFRA: Will the Military Backslide on its Religious Conversion?

by Michael Berry and Antony Barone Kolenc • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)

Taking the Fight out of Fighting Words on the Doctrine’s Eightieth Anniversary: What “N” Word Litigation Reveals about Assumptions, Flaws and Goals of a First Amendment Principle in Disarray

by Clay Calvert • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)


Time for a New Shoe? Making Sense of Specific Jurisdiction

by Jessica Hylton • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)

No-Poach, No Precedent: How DOJ’s Aggressive Stance on Criminalizing Labor Market Agreements Runs Counter to Antitrust Jurisprudence

by Noelle Mack • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)

Pool House and Public Policy: The Uncollectability of Contractual Attorney Fees in Missouri

by Evan Miller • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)

Children Sentenced to Die in Prison: Why a Lifetime Behind Bars is No Longer Justified for Juvenile Offenders

by Logan Moore • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)

Valuing the Vulnerable: A Proposed Approach to Cyclical Competency

by Kirsten Pryde • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)

Unconstitutional State Special Laws: Is Rational Basis Review the Rational Solution?

by Chloe Slusher • 87 Mo. L. Rev. (2022)