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LLM Students, Professors Participate in Scholarly Workshop at Washington University School of Law

November 21st, 2013

Prof. S.I. Strong and Prof. Paul Ladehoff

Prof. S.I. Strong and Prof. Paul Ladehoff recently attended the “New Directions in Global Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Scholarship Roundtable” at the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute at Washington University Law School in St. Louis with LLM students Phil Bene, Siru “Lucy” Chen, Junzhe “David” Chi, Anna Lanshakova and Ignacio Lleo.

Participants in the day-long workshop reviewed and commented on papers written by scholars specializing in international dispute resolution. Prof. Strong’s essay, “Beyond International Commercial Arbitration? The Promise of International Commercial Mediation,” was one of the featured submissions and will be published in spring 2014 in volume 42 of the Washington University Journal of Law and Policy.

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