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Missouri History Book Publishes Chapters by Dean Devine, Professor Abrams

March 28th, 2016

Doug Abrams

The University of Missouri Press has published Missouri Law and the American Conscience: Historical Rights and Wrongs, a collection of ten full-length essays on prominent events and themes in the state’s political and social heritage.

Two of the book’s ten essays are written by School of Law faculty. The first is “Shaking the Shackles: Curt Flood’s Challenge to Baseball’s Reserve Clause,” late Associate Dean Jim Devine’s 2007 account of Flood’s 1970 antitrust suit against Major League Baseball. The second essay is “Missouri’s Long Road to Juvenile Justice,” Professor Doug Abrams’ history of Missouri’s juvenile justice system since territorial days and the earliest years of statehood.

One reviewer calls Missouri Law and the American Conscience “a first-rate book on Missouri legal history from prominent historians and legal scholars.”

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