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New Articles by Professor Strong Focus on International Insurance, International Arbitration

May 5th, 2016

Prof. S.I. Strong

Professor S.I. Strong has recently published several new articles. The first two — “The Special Nature of International Insurance and Reinsurance Arbitration: A Response to Professor Jerry,” 2015 Journal of Dispute Resolution 283, and “International Insurance and Reinsurance Arbitration: A World of Difference,” Corporate Disputes 47 (January-March 2016) — deal with the intricacies of a particular sector of insurance law, an area in which Mizzou Law Professor Bob Jerry is expert. The first piece responds to his article, “Dispute Resolution, Insurance, and Points of Convergence,” 2015 Journal of Dispute Resolution 255.

Professor Strong’s other recent article, “Reasoned Awards in International Commercial Arbitration: Embracing and Exceeding the Common Law-Civil Law Dichotomy,” 37 Michigan Journal of International Law 1 (2015), is the first to discuss what constitutes a reasoned award in international arbitration.

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