Empirical Research at the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution

Professor S.I. Strong recently published a new article, “Rationality Revisited: A Response to Professor Greenberg,” in 75 Washington & Lee Law Review Online 184 (2017), that discusses empirical work in the area of international commercial dispute resolution.  Professor Strong’s newest publication responds to a review (Elayne E. Greenberg, “Realizing the Gap Between Rationality and Information,in 74 Washington & Lee Law Review Online 47 (2017)) of a 2016 article by Professor Strong that discussed findings from a large-scale international study of the use and perception of international commercial mediation and conciliation by the international legal and business communities (S.I. Strong, “Realizing Rationality: An Empirical Assessment of International Commercial Mediation,” in 73 Washington & Lee Law Review 1973 (2016)). Professor Strong’s current publication discusses various methodological concerns raised by Professor Greenberg with respect to empirical research involving international commercial law and practice.