Professor Abrams: Title IX Is “One of Congress’ Most Significant Recent Contributions to Public Health”

For the past seven years, Professor Doug Abrams has written more than 200 articles on, a leading national youth sports website. His latest article, “Title IX’s Impact on Youth Sports: A Giant Step Toward a Healthier Nation” concerns the positive nationwide impact of Title IX on gender equity in school and community sports leagues.

Professor Abrams writes, “By dramatically increasing the rates of girls’ athletic participation in an increasingly sedentary nation whose obesity epidemic afflicts growing numbers of children, Title IX ranks as one of the wisest public health measures passed by Congress in the second half of the twentieth century.”

He explains, “The nation’s pediatric obesity epidemic, with its dire but largely avoidable adverse health consequences, would be even more acute today without Title IX, which has moved millions of girls – about half the youth population – off the sidelines into the active athletic participation that they desire and deserve.”