Professor Abrams Writes About Sports For Children With Disabilities

Professor Douglas Abrams has written more than 200 full-length columns since 2011 on, one of the nation’s leading sports websites. Some of these columns discuss the roles of youth athletes with disabilities.

Professor Abrams’ latest column tells the story of 15-year-old Mac Reed. As first reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Reed plays on Kirkwood High School’s junior varsity football team, even though he was born with spina bifida, which deprives him of use of his legs. Professor Abrams concludes: “To the maximum extent possible, leagues and teams should enable children with disabilities to participate with other children if their parents approve, their abilities permit, their desire remains strong, and their participation does not change the character of the game or compromise safety.”

The New Hampshire Union Leader has called Professor Abrams “one of the people who help serve as the conscience for anyone involved in youth sports.” Links to his prior full-length columns appear on pages 19-38 of his CV.