Professor Bowman Cautions Against Setting a Dangerous Precedent

Professor Bowman’s article in Slate was recently quoted in Roll Call cautioning against prosecutors setting a dangerous precedent by pursuing politically-motivated investigations against President Trump.

The article, “The Investigations Trump Can’t Stop,” discusses state and local-level investigations of the President and his administration. The article also points out that these investigations have come under criticism by some conservatives for being politically motivated. Moreover, investigations targeting the president could create a dangerous precedent.

As Professor Bowman wrote in Slate, and the Roll Call article quotes:

Central to the rule of law is the principle that prosecutors may not employ their inquisitorial arsenal against political adversaries. The ethos of prosecutorial restraint protects us all. If liberals abandon it in pursuit of Trump, they will have no ground of complaint if he, or some even less savory successor, unleashes prosecutorial power against his political foes.