Professor Bowman Discusses Obstacles to Mueller Investigation

An article published by the Wall Street Journal quoted Professor Frank Bowman at length about the limits and potential obstacles to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

The article, “Presidential Self-Pardon Remains a Murky Issue,” examines the issues of presidential self-pardon and whether a president can be indicted. The article also goes on to examine the possible ways President Trump could hinder Mueller’s investigation.

In the article, Professor Bowman says that Mueller only has the authority to recommend to higher-ups that indictments be sought. Even if Justice Department attorneys obtained an indictment before the president issued an order canceling the investigation, the president could simply “replace hostile officials with those willing to follow his orders.” Alternatively, as Professor Bowman says at the end of the article, the president could fire Mueller, stopping the investigation. But that action would test the willingness of Congress to challenge the president with an impeachment inquiry.