Professor Bowman Interviewed on Cheddar about the Flynn Sentencing Memo

Professor Frank Bowman was interviewed recently by the internet news site Cheddar about the Gen. Michael Flynn sentencing memo, Special Counsel Mueller Recommends No Jail Time for Michael Flynn.

He commented about the timing of the sentencing decision, the heavily redacted memo, how these agreements are created, and what, if anything, can be assumed at this point about the status of the Mueller investigation.  Prof. Bowman said that “you cannot draw much of a conclusion from this heavily redacted memo” about whether or not the Mueller investigation is concluding soon. However, he added that ordinarily cooperators are not sentenced until they have finished testifying in court.

He also noted that the memo referenced Gen. Flynn cooperating in two different investigations – a criminal investigation and the special counsel’s investigation. The implication is that the criminal investigation referred to is being handled by someone other than Mueller’s team, probably a U.S. Attorney’s Office.