Professor Bowman’s Impeachment Expertise Shared by National & International Media

Professor Frank Bowman has been writing about the presidential impeachment process on his blog, “Impeachable Offenses,” in op-eds in the media, and in his book, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors: A History of Impeachment for the Age of Trump” (Cambridge University Press). Various media outlets have reached out to him for his expertise on the process and the Mueller Report.

Algernon D’Ammasa of the Las Cruces Sun-News reviewed the book on July 5, 2019. The review was picked up on USA Today, New book takes sober look at impeaching presidents. On July 6, he was interviewed on Dahlia Lithwick’s program Amicus about impeachment, its history and meaning, and whether it’s meant to be so hard. On July 14 he was interviewed and the book was reviewed by CNN in The surprising history of impeachment and what it means for Trump. On September 18, Professor Bowman gave an interview to the “intellectual interview” journal Rorotoko in a cover feature.

In the article Can’t Impeach Trump? Go After his Cabinet., University of Baltimore Law Professor Garrett Epps references Professor Bowman’s book in a July 16 article in The Atlantic. On August 19, Professor Bowman talked about his book and the case for and against impeachment of President Trump on The Pell Center and PBS’s Story in the Public Square.

In Reuters, “Explainer – What does it take to remove a U.S. president from office?” Professor Bowman explains how impeachment is a political process and that Congress can look beyond criminal laws in defining “high crimes and misdemeanors.” He adds that the House and Senate “can decide on whatever burden of proof they want. There is no agreement on what the burden should be” – as there would be in a criminal court case. In May and in June he is asked about the use of executive privilege: Explainer: Can Trump use executive privilege to withhold full Mueller report? and  Explainer – Can Trump use executive privilege to block congressional probes?.

In a May 22 Thomson Reuters/ article, “6 things you need to know about how impeachment works,” Professor Frank O. Bowman explains the grounds for impeachment, the process, and burden of proof needed. He also explains that the Supreme Court cannot overturn articles of impeachment. Referring to America’s founders he says, “They quite plainly decided this is a political process and it is ultimately a political judgment. So when Trump suggests there is any judicial remedy for impeachment, he is just wrong.”

NBC News reached out to Professor Bowman for its piece “Mueller didn’t charge Trump – but his report is a brutal indictment.” In the article, he says that it’s the pattern of activity by the president and not any particular violation of criminal statute that could lead to impeachment. He also points out – in reference to President Trump’s subordinates’ refusal to follow his orders, “The fact that they refused doesn’t change the constitutional impeachment calculus at all. Still, the fact that he was so often restrained will make it easy for Republicans in Congress to wave off his otherwise impeachable behavior.”

On his blog and in an op-ed in Slate on April 19, “The Mueller Report Is an Irrefutable Case That Trump Is Unfit for Office,” Professor Bowman says that Congress and the country must address President Trump’s fitness for office and whether he poses a danger to the integrity of the American legal system.  The next day, Professor Bowman participated in an on-line debate on Slate, “So Is Impeachment Plausible, Necessary, or Stupid?” where he and others discussed the process and whether or not Congress should pursue impeachment. Professor Bowman suggests that rather than relying solely on the Mueller investigation, “the House should be vigorously pursuing the whole spectrum. If the result is a comprehensive case for impeachment, good. Go for it. If not, meaning that sound political judgment suggests that impeachment is foredoomed, then use the investigative results to expose Trump’s flaws in advance of 2020.” He was interviewed by Vice News in Trump Is Setting an Impeachment Trap for Democrats on May 10.

Later Slate op-eds discuss William Barr’s role in William Barr Is Cowering at the Prospect of a Proper Cross-Examination and What’s Really Going On in the Subpoena Fight Between William Barr and Jerry Nadler.

Professor Bowman was a panelist on CGTN America (a Chinese government-funded network) about the Mueller Report on April 18, “The Heat: Mueller report released Pt 2.” On April 23, he was interviewed on Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie (Professor Bowman’s interview begins at the 12:00 minute). On May 9, Canadian CTVNews interviewed Professor Bowman about the House Judiciary Committee fighting Willam Barr for the report.

Adam Liptak or The New York Times interviewed Professor Bowman for Is obstruction an Impeachable Offense? History Says Yes that appeared on April 23, 2019.

Law & Crime interviewed Professor Bowman on May 5 for There’s Nothing Trump Can Do to Stop Mueller from Testifying. And on CBS News, Could the Trump administration prevent Mueller from testifying before Congress? on May 8.