Professor Diamond Presents at AI Conference

Professor Randy Diamond recently gave a talk on “Technology for Lawyers” at Duquesne University School of Law. The conference featured presentations from educators, practitioners, policy makers, and computer scientists on how the development of artificial intelligence is affecting society, the law, the legal profession, and legal education.

Professor Diamond discussed a new course he has developed on “Innovation and Technology in the Practice of Law.” The course examines disruption in the legal services industry and surveys substantive legal issues involving artificial intelligence, Blockchain, data privacy, e-discovery, legal analytics, smart contracts, etc.  Diamond shared a number of practical exercises for exploring these topics and developing legal tech competencies. He discussed how the course is also designed for law students to consider broader societal implications of living (and practicing law) in a “tech-saturated” world as examined in Shoshana Zuboff’s work on “Surveillance Capitalism,” the NYT April 2019 Privacy Project, higher education’s increasing interdisciplinary approach to tech issues, and by others.