Professor Lietzan Presents at Symposium on Federal Regulation of Cannabis

Professor Erika Lietzan presented her most recently completed article at a symposium on federal regulation of cannabis. The symposium, hosted by the Food and Drug Law Institute, convened academics, scientists from the Food and Drug Administration, lawyers from private practice, and industry developing cannabis-based products, to consider the path forward for a federal regulatory regime.

Professor Lietzan’s forthcoming article in the American University Law Review, “The Surprising Reach of FDA Regulation of Cannabis, Even after Descheduling,” coauthored with Professor Sean O’Connor (University of Washington), provides a detailed analysis of FDA’s complex and comprehensive regulatory framework governing foods, drugs, and dietary supplements that would apply to cannabis products if marijuana were descheduled — and that would, in fact, prohibit much of the commerce that people assume would be lawful.

The day-long symposium was on November 2 in Washington, DC.