Professor Oliveri Contributes Chapter for New Book on Fair Housing

Professor Rigel Oliveri wrote a chapter in the new book The Fight for Fair Housing, edited by Gregory D. Squires. Professor Oliveri’s chapter is titled “The Legislative Battle for the Fair Housing Act (1966-1968).”

The Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 was passed at a time of turmoil, conflict, and conflagration in cities across the nation. It was passed with a dual mandate to end discrimination and to dismantle the segregated living patterns that characterized most cities. The Fight for Fair Housing tells what happened, why, and what remains to be done. The book brings together the nation’s leading fair housing activists and scholars to tell the stories that led to the passage of the Fair Housing Act, its consequences, and the implications of the Act going forward. It is intended for everyone concerned with the future of our cities, race and ethnic relations in all communities.