Professor Presents on Online Dispute Resolution and the Future of Consumer Protection

Professor Amy J. Schmitz recently presented with Colin Rule of Tyler Technologies via Zoom at the Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas.

In their presentation, “Online Dispute Resolution and the Future of Consumer Protection,” Professor Schmitz and Mr. Rule explained how technology can empower consumers and businesses to resolve conflicts in a cost effective manner. Empowered by the internet, consumers now purchase items from all around the world with swipes of a finger or clicks of a mouse. This is generating more than a billion disputes a year, many of which are low value and cross-border. The face-to-face techniques used in the past to resolve these issues do not work for online issues.

Building on recent advances in the United Nations and the European Union, this session envisioned a global, small claims, consumer dispute resolution system built for the future — and offered concrete advice about how individual mediators can get involved today.