Professor Schmitz Collaborates on Technology in Dispute Resolution Panel

The Journal of Dispute Resolution, Professor Amy J. Schmitz, and Professor Peter Reilly of Texas A&M University have collaborated to lay the foundation for an innovative symposium issue of the journal. This issue will be the focus of a special panel at the Association of American Law School’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans, La., on January 5, 2019.

“Promises and Pitfalls of Technology in Dispute Resolution” will include the top minds in the field of online dispute resolution. The discussion will cover the intersection of dispute resolution and technology on a broader scale. Panel members will discuss how technology, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, and the like, are affecting dispute resolution processes and systems.

Unlike previous symposia hosted by Mizzou Law’s Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution, the AALS sections on Litigation and Technology, Law and Legal Education are sponsoring the panel and the presentations at the AALS meeting. This multi-level collaboration is the first of its kind for the CSDR and could establish a model for others law schools and organizations to use in balancing the rising costs of programming amid higher education budget cuts.