Workshop for Private Online Dispute Resolution: Professor Schmitz Joins Meeting at Stanford University

Professor Amy Schmitz recently participated by invitation in a meeting on establishing standards for online dispute resolution at Stanford University. The Workshop for Private Online Dispute Resolution gathered e-commerce enterprise representatives, entrepreneurs, government representatives and academics to share best practices and confer to develop a framework for private international online dispute resolution. This framework could form the basis of a future international standard as well as contribute to other related e-commerce standards initiatives. The intent is to foster private international governance that embraces solutions that are accessible, fair, timely, confidential and transparent to protect consumers as well as vendors.

Professor Schmitz lead a small group discussion on particular issues of concern such as access, fairness and transparency.

Professor Schmitz was joined at the meeting by Alexandre Augusto Fiori de Tella, a Mizzou Law LLM student from Brazil who is interested in online dispute resolution and its development on a global level.