Professor Schmitz: Measuring Access to Justice through Online Dispute Resolution

Professor Amy J. Schmitz gave a presentation, “Measuring Access to Justice through Online Dispute Resolution,at the Fordham Law Review Symposium: “Achieving Access to Justice Through ADR: Fact or Fiction?,” in New York, NY, in early November. The symposium took a critical look at alternative dispute resolution (ADR), as well as online dispute resolution (ODR) with respect to the quest to expand access to justice.

For her part, Professor Schmitz provided background and analysis with respect to ODR, and suggested ideas for measuring whether and how ODR is expanding access to justice in the context of new court-connected programs. She also cautioned policymakers not to “digitize due process” without careful consideration and attention to those who are not digital natives, or may otherwise distrust technology or lack access. Professor Schmitz will be publishing an article with the Fordham Law Review, which will expand on her thoughts and analysis regarding ODR’s role helping self-represented litigants and others to access courts without the time and expense of face-to-face proceedings.