Professor Schmitz Presents at ASCL Annual Meeting

Professor Amy J. Schmitz presented on “Comparative Law and Online Dispute Resolution – A Look Forward” as part of a plenary presentation at the Comparative Law and International Dispute Resolution Processes, American Society of Comparative Law 2019 Annual Meeting Program, at the University of Missouri, Oct. 17-19.

For her part, Professor Schmitz provided a comparative analysis of class action relief through the lens of the Dieselgate scandal, which involved Volkswagen’s manipulation of emissions testing in cars throughout the world. Through this lens, Professor Schmitz explained how online dispute resolution (ODR) could provide an efficient and fair means for obtaining remedies for mass claims. Additionally, Professor Schmitz is contributing an article, “Addressing the Class Claim Conundrum with Online Dispute Resolution (ODR),” based on her presentation that will be published in Missouri’s Journal of Dispute Resolution.