Professor Schmitz writes chapter for book published by Universidad de Medellín

Professor Amy J. Schmitz has published an article that was translated into Spanish for inclusion in a book that brings together research shared during the XIII Congreso Internacional de Derecho Procesal in Medellín, Colombia: Amy J. Schmitz, Promoviendo la protección del consumidor a través de la solución de conflictos en línea, en Agudelo Mejía, D. A. et al. (Coordinadores académicos), Nuevas dinámicas del Derecho Procesal (Sello editorial Universidad de Medellín: Medellín 2020). Translated to English, the title is:  Promoting Consumer Protection through Online Dispute Resolution. In: Agudelo Mejía, D. A. et al. (Academic coordinators), (2020). New Dynamics of Procedural Law.

This chapter revives ideas that originally emanated from research in Professor Schmitz’s book with Colin Rule, “The New Handshake: Online Dispute Resolution and the Future of Consumer Protection. ” It also adds new research in light of the pandemic and the growing need and interest in ODR.