Professor Schmitz publishes in the Journal of Dispute Resolution

Professor Amy J. Schmitz has published a new article, Addressing the Class Claim Conundrum with Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), 2020 J. OF DISPUTE RESOL. 361 (2020). In this article, Professor Schmitz discusses how consumers throughout the world addressed similar claims in the wake of the VW “Dieselgate” scandal. With this case as a lens, the article provides a brief comparison of U.S. versus European Union (EU) law with respect to class actions, noting how this dichotomy creates a “class action conundrum” due to these actions’ vices and virtues.  The article then argues that in light of this conundrum, it is time to consider innovations beyond class actions. The time is ripe to renew consideration of a global ODR process for mass claims to promote consumer protection on a worldwide level.