Professor Strong Wins International Writing Prize

Professor S.I. Strong was recently given the Outstanding Professional Article Award 2018 from the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), an international think-tank dedicated to improving dispute resolution processes around the world. This is the fourth time that Professor Strong’s scholarship has been recognized by CPR, putting Professor Strong in a select circle of authors who have won the award more than once.

This year’s winning article is “Truth in a Post-Truth Society: How Sticky Defaults, Status Quo Bias, and the Sovereign Prerogative Influence the Perceived Legitimacy of International Arbitration,” 2018 Univ. of Ill. L. Rev. 533 (2018). Over the last few years, several MU law students have also had their writing recognized through CPR’s Joseph T. McLaughlin Student Article Award.

Professor Strong was presented with the prize on March 1 at the CPR Annual Meeting, held at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C.  While at the annual meeting, Professor Strong also participated on a panel on “Breaking Issues in Arbitration Law.”