Professor Trachtenberg and Professor Alexander: Criminal Procedure Casebook Now Available Online

Professor Ben Trachtenberg and Professor Anne Alexander have written “Show Me Criminal Procedure,” a criminal procedure casebook available online. They received funding from the University of Missouri System’s Affordable & Open Educational Resources initiative to support the creation of this book, as well as funding from the UM System’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The book is available free, not only to students, at

Students may read the book on their computers, or they may print it themselves. In addition, The Mizzou Store has agreed to print books for around $30 each for any students who prefer hard copies. Teaching notes and slides are available to faculty adopters at no charge by contacting Professor Trachtenberg.

The book was inspired in part by Professor Trachtenberg’s 2016 article in the Saint Louis University Law Journal, “Choosing a Criminal Procedure Casebook: On Lesser Evils and Free Books,” in which he called upon universities to fund the creation of books like this.