Professor Writes Article on Alternative Facts and the Post-Truth Society

Professor S.I. Strong recently wrote an article discussing the concept of “alternative facts,” a term that has became synonymous with a willingness to persevere with a particular belief either in complete ignorance of or with a total disregard for reality. The increasing incidence of alternative facts in the popular and political arena creates a critical conundrum for anyone interested in deliberative democracy, since it is unclear how rational debate can proceed if empirical evidence holds no persuasive value.

In “Alternative Facts and the Post-Truth Society: Meeting the Challenge,” in 165 University of Pennsylvania Law Review Online 137 (2017), Professor Strong adopts an interdisciplinary approach to both identify and respond to the difficulties associated with contemporary political discourse and discusses a number of important empirical studies that should be consulted by anyone seeking to understand and overcome the challenges associated with a post-truth society. In so doing, Professor Strong hopes to provide lawyers, legislators, journalists and judges with the tools needed to address the unprecedented political, legal and communicative challenges facing the world today.