Three Law Faculty Serve on Supreme Court Racial and Ethnic Fairness Commission

Three University of Missouri Law professors serve on the Supreme Court of Missouri Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness – Professor Emeritus Michael A. Middleton, Professor Doug Abrams, and Professor Chuck Henson.

Created in October 2015, the commission’s work focuses on six areas – the judicial system generally, the civil justice system, the criminal justice system, the juvenile justice system, the municipal justice system and the practice of law – to identify solutions and make recommendations for improvement. Together, the commission members engage with the public in examining and reviewing current practices and recommending measures to help assure fairness, impartiality, equal access and full participation for racial and ethnic minorities in the judicial process and in the practice of law.

Professor Middleton is one of the tri-chairs of the commission. Professor Henson serves on the commission’s Judicial System Subcommittee. In December 2017, the commission named Professor Abrams to the Juvenile Justice System Subcommittee.