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School of Law

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About Alex Griffin

Hello! My name is Alex Griffin and I am a 1L this year at Mizzou Law. I went to Oklahoma State University for undergrad and majored in Psychology. Through my degree, I developed a heart for advocacy for the through the legal system. I am from OKC, but have been loving every second in my new home of Columbia! When I am not studying I love exploring everything this town has to offer from attending concerts and football games to trying new restaurants, hiking, and playing frisbee golf! While moving away from my loved ones has been difficult, I have easily adjusted because of the high quality people here. While my decision to move to Missouri may have seemed random to some, it was definitely a calculated choice. Campus culture was highly important to me when choosing which law school I wanted to spend the next three years of my life at. I have found everything I ever wanted and more here at Mizzou. From the get-go, I have felt so supported and comfortable in Hulston Hall. It may sound cheesy, but everyone- staff, faculty, and fellow students- want one another to succeed so we can better the world together. This sentiment was evident in the way the campus ambassador spoke spoke about Mizzou when I took my tour here and I hope to communicate that to you as well should you come visit! Feel free to reach out because I would love to learn more about you and share more of my experience as a law student.