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About Alexis Brudnicki

Hi! I’m Alexis, and I just began my law school journey at Mizzou after more than a decade of working in the baseball industry. During that time I was a statistician, scoreboard operator, press officer, reporter, and more, working for Major League Baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays, Team Canada, Baseball America, and others.

I’m an international student at the law school, from London, Ontario, Canada, where I did my undergraduate degree in criminology at the University of Western Ontario. From there, I completed a graduate diploma program in sports journalism at Centennial College in Toronto, and while working I also completed a master’s degree in education through Queen’s University. I’m currently also in the midst of (taking a break from) my doctorate of educational leadership, a program I still have two semesters to finish up, also through the University of Western Ontario. I’m a first-generation university student who has obviously been trying to make up for lost time, and I’m adding to the tally with the tangible education I believe law school offers.

I came to Columbia without any friends, family, or acquaintances in the area, and that quickly ceased to be the case. The faculty and my fellow students have been incredible, offering insights, assistance, and an incredible amount of support, which is absolutely more than I ever could have hoped for. I chose Mizzou for financial reasons, but my love for Mizzou already extends well beyond that, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a Tiger.