Drake Meyer, 3L

Student Ambassador

School of Law

Contact Information

Email Dbmkc7@mail.missouri.edu
Address St. Charles, Missouri
Education University of Missouri, Agribusiness Management

About Drake Meyer

Hello and welcome! You made it this far in exploring Mizzou Law, congrats! My name is Drake Meyer and I am a 3L from St. Charles Missouri. I am raised in a family of MU Tigers with having parents and both siblings attended Mizzou. I received my undergrad in Agribusiness Management in 2017 from MU followed by working 2 years in Kansas City for an Ag consulting company. Deciding to pursue further education, I did not want my love for Mizzou and Columbia to bias my decision. I wanted to find the Law school that was the right fit for me. As fate would have it, Mizzou was that place. With experts in ADR, friendly helping faculty, and a family-style student body community, I knew Mizzou was a place for me and my “homecoming” to Columbia for 3 more years has been a wonderful experience! I love to talk Tigers and Mizzou law so feel free to reach out with any questions you have. MIZ!