Evan Miller, 3L

Student Ambassador

School of Law

Contact Information

Email etmd35@umsystem.edu
Address Rupert, Idaho

About Evan Miller

Hello! I am thrilled you are considering Mizzou Law. My interactions with the faculty, staff, and fellow students showed me I made the right choice to attend this law school.

I grew up on a potato farm in southern Idaho. Our farm was focused on finding solutions for problems in potatoes. Both my father and grandfather were involved in crop loss lawsuits, and that showed me that the law touches all aspects of life. That, among other experiences, encouraged me to pursue a law degree.

I took a two-year break between high school and college to volunteer for my church in central Russia. When I got back, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I enjoy wakeboarding, riding motorcycles, building legos, and flying drones. I decided to apply to Mizzou as one of many applications, and the school won me over with its warm personalities and focus on individual success.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions, or if I don’t know, I will help you find the person who does know!