Haley Benson, 3L

Student Ambassador

School of Law

Contact Information

Email hbbd45@mail.missouri.edu
Address Columbia, MO

About Haley Benson

Hi! I’m a 3L at Mizzou Law. I also went to Mizzou for undergrad, earning degrees in English and Psychology. I’ve always had an interest in law, but actually making the leap to apply was daunting. I toured Mizzou Law when I was a sophomore and immediately knew this was where I needed to be. In all my research and visits to other schools, Mizzou really stood out to me. Being close to my family and already knowing the area were big pluses, but it was the faculty and staff here that sold me on my decision. Everyone I met was so welcoming, encouraging, and understanding about the difficult decisions that go into choosing a law school.

Mizzou Law really does feel like home from the first day you walk in and that’s something that hasn’t changed since I started here. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the process of applying or Mizzou in general, we’ve all been where you are and we’re here to help!