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About Maura Corrigan

Hello! My name is Maura Corrigan, and I am a first-year law student at Mizzou. I graduated from Miami of Ohio with a degree in Biology and a minor in General Business. Before coming to law school, I gained some work experience in the intellectual property group of a law firm, as well as spent some time at a biotech start-up company. I am thrilled to be at Mizzou as a 1L!

So far in my time at Mizzou, I have found the culture to be nothing short of welcoming, inviting, and comforting. Law school is academically difficult–as proven by the natural rigor of the study of law–but I have realized it is also extremely personally and socially rewarding. Mizzou provides an environment that fosters growth and encourages acceptance, no matter what your background may be. To me, it was very important to be surrounded by people that not only promoted academic growth, but facilitated personal growth as well. Mizzou does just this with its close-knit reputation.

I would love the chance to talk to any future students and answer any questions that I can! So much of choosing a law school is figuring out where you feel comfortable, and I would love the opportunity to provide any insights as to how Mizzou makes you feel at home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!