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About Michael Faurot

Hello and congratulations on pursuing a legal education! My name is Michael Faurot and am proud to be a student here at the University of Missouri School of Law. I am from Farmington, New Mexico, married to my lovely wife Susy, and received my Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of New Mexico in 2015. I plan on returning back to New Mexico when I graduate and am interested in immigration, personal injury, workers comp, and criminal law.

My dream job as far back as I could remember was to be an attorney. Many of my family members and close friends are involved in the legal profession. Additionally, many of them received their legal education here at Mizzou. When applying for law school I wanted nothing more than to attend school here and continue the tradition. During my application process, I was accepted to almost all of the schools I applied to, including some very highly ranked schools that I didn’t think that I would be accepted to. This made choosing between law schools much more difficult than I had previously anticipated. I committed to attend Mizzou Law after I came for a visit. The environment here was something that the other schools didn’t offer, and I wanted to attend a school where the students and faculty cared about me. Since my first day of orientation my hopes for a close environment was confirmed. I knew I was in the right place to pursue my degree.

Unfortunately, I have struggled with many issues including major family loss, mental health problems, and also alcohol abuse. This caused me to leave Mizzou for three years. The friends I made at law school were always supportive of me, but more importantly faculty members I made a relationship with never forgot me and more importantly never gave up on me. Thanks to my family, my friends, and some of the relationships I’ve made here at Mizzou Law, I have received the help I needed and have been sober since May 1, 2019.

Deciding on where to attend law school is an important and difficult decision. You are likely to find a very good legal education wherever you decide to go, but at Mizzou Law you are joining a family. If you have any questions about student life or ever need help, please feel free to reach out to me. Best of luck to you on the remainder of your law school journey, and I hope that you consider joining us here at Mizzou Law!