Nila McGinnis, 3L

Student Ambassador

School of Law

Contact Information

Address St. Peters, Missouri
Education Washington University, English

About Nila McGinnis

Hi there! My name is Nila McGinnis, and I am a 3L here at Mizzou Law. I grew up in St. Peters, Missouri, and previously attended Washington University in St. Louis, where I received my undergraduate degree in English.

I am a first-generation law student and love serving as a mentor to first-year students. I am also a member of the Missouri Law Review, serving on the Executive Board of OutLAW, Mizzou Law’s LGBT+/ally organization, and work at the law library as a student assistant.

I transferred to Mizzou after my first year of law school at another institution, and Mizzou has been everything I could have hoped for my law school experience and more. I am a dual-degree student, seeking my Masters in Library and Information Science here at the iSchool and enjoy working at the Reference Desk here in the library. I would love to talk to you about transferring, dual-degree programs, getting involved at Mizzou, and how to balance school and mental health. I absolutely love Mizzou, and I hope you get to meet a few of the amazing faculty, staff, and students that have made this place home for me in the past year.