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About Victoria Mantel

Hello! My name is Victoria Mantel, and I am a 2L at Mizzou Law. I moved to Columbia from Northwest Arkansas after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English & Philosophy from the University of Arkansas Honors College in 2021. In addition to being a law student, I am also studying library science as a part of Mizzou Law’s dual JD/MLIS program with the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. I plan to become a law librarian following graduation – likely in an academic law library, but possibly in a firm or court law library.

In part, I came to Mizzou Law because they offered the dual degree program I was interested in. But Mizzou Law doesn’t just offer the dual degree program that I’m participating in – there’s a variety of fascinating dual degree opportunities available to students! If you’re interested in any of the dual degree programs ( and want to talk to a student about them, please reach out to me.

However, saying I came to Mizzou Law because they offered the dual degree program I was interested in wouldn’t give you the whole picture. I came to Mizzou Law because the admissions team tailored my visit to my specific interests. During my visit, I got to have a fantastic conversation with one of the law librarians, who is now my faculty mentor! It was clear the admissions team had carefully considered my application materials and wanted me to have the best experience possible. The law school application cycle can sometimes make you feel like you’re being reduced to a set of number. While touring Mizzou Law, I felt like a whole student whose interests and hopes for the future were being appreciated – not just my LSAT score and uGPA.

The admissions team works extremely hard to make sure every prospective student has a visit at Mizzou Law that allows them to envision their future at our school and beyond, and I’m fortunate to play a part in that. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hope to see you on a tour soon!