Walter Jackson, 2L

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About Walter Jackson

Hello. My name is Walter Jackson; I am a second-year student at Mizzou Law. I graduated from Wake Forest University in North Carolina with a bachelor’s in politics and international affairs in 2020. In the interim year after graduation, I served as a fellow in the provost’s office of my alma mater.

I chose Mizzou Law because I was told that the culture of the school, while competitive, was one that fostered comradery amongst its students. This description matched that of my alma mater, which I thoroughly enjoyed for four years, so I thought “Why not Mizzou?” Mizzou has not disappointed at all. Virtually everyone is friendly: my classmates, professors, administrators, and support staff. 

I have enjoyed Mizzou Law thus far and I want to help potential students trying to navigate applying to law schools. I would love to chat with you if you have any questions at all!