Mekonnen Ayano Publications

Academic Journals

Law and Land Conflict in Emerging Market Economies: Ethiopia, 2014-2018, 18 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 988 (2020).

Book Review: William Beinart et al., Rights to Land: A Guide to Tenure Upgrading and Restitution in South Africa, 89 JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN INSTITUTE 9 (2019).

Rural Land Registration in Ethiopia: Myths and Realities, 52:4 LAW AND SOCIETY REVIEW 1060 (2018).

Access Publication:

The Nile Basin Initiative: An Overview of the Challenges and Opportunities, 3 ETHIOPIAN BAR REVIEW 166 (2010).


Standardizing Legal Rules in a Multicultural Setting: Ethiopia’s Recent Experience in the Field of Law and Rural Development Reform, (University of Rochester Press, forthcoming).

Other Publications

PluriLand: Theorizing Conflict and Contestation in Plural Land Rights Regimes, (Collaborative Research Project funded by the Norwegian Research Council, FRIPRO, 2020-2024).

Touted as a Model Abroad, Ethiopia’s Land Registration Raised Questions at Home, REUTERS FOUNDATION (Dec. 6, 2018).

Why Ethiopian Rural Land Registration Program has not Protected the Rights of Women and Vulnerable Social Groups, LAW AND SOCIETY ASSOCIATION (Nov. 18, 2018).

The ICC and Pan-Africanism: A Preliminary Observation, AFRICAN INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE (Dec. 2017).

Working Papers

The Legal Profession in Africa’s Encounter with China, (Research funded by Harvard Law School's Center on the Legal Profession, work in progress).

Tenants Without Rights: Immigrants’ Experiences in the U.S. Low-Income Housing Market,

Formalization and Land Tenure: An Ethiopian Case Study,