Membership Requirements

Associate Members are chosen through a writing competition held each summer. Any student having completed the required first year coursework may enter the writing competition if the student is able to serve at least two semesters on the Journal of Dispute Resolution.

Associate Members are required to write two Notes or Comments during the academic year, one each semester. Associate Members must complete five footnote checking assignments each semester in order to verify the substantive and technical accuracy of an author’s footnotes and the accompanying text. After one year as an Associate Member and completion of the Associate Member requirements, the student will will be eligible to serve on the Journal of Dispute Resolution’s Editorial Board.

2023-24 Journal Members

Allison Garrett

Managing Editor
Lauren Bean

Associate Editor-in-Chief
Emily Tompkins

Lead Articles Editor
Adam Walker

Senior Note and Comment Editor
Kayla Fowler

Layout & Design Editor
Victoria Mantel

Associate Managing Editors
Hannah Jackson
Clare Hensley

Note & Comment Editors
Dillon Dewey
Olivia Lee Finley
Nolan Johnson

Journal Advisor
Professor Rachel Wechsler

Associate Members
Brittany Archer
Mckayla Bogda
Clara Brand
Karen Crouch
Justin Dussold
Rachel Elliott
Sidne Fonville
Ryan Gallagher
Werthen Gass
Matthew Hellmann
Kelly Hooper
Katie Miles
Brett Newberry
Aly Rezek
Alex Rodman
Mary Claire Rose
Emily Samisch
Cameron Shields
Grayson Smith
Allie Widick
Madison Young