Who decides what issue is to be decided in arbitration?

In some cases the parties to a dispute will mutually frame an issue for the arbitrator to decide prior to the start of the arbitration hearing. Occasionally, each party will arrive at a hearing with an issue that it believes best describes the matter to be decided by the arbitrator. When this happens, the arbitrator may help them find a statement of the issue that satisfies both sides. The parties may also agree that the arbitrator may frame the issue as part of the written award. If the parties agree to allow the arbitrator to frame the issue, they expect that it will be based closely upon the issue or issues originally proposed by the parties, either prior to the start of the hearing or as expressed during the arbitration hearing. Once the issue is determined, either by the parties or by the arbitrator, it delineates the scope of what matter or matters the arbitrator may address in his or her award.