About the arbitration process

Why do parties go to arbitration instead of to court?

Can you have arbitration without a labor union?

How much does arbitration cost? Who pays for it?

How do an employer and an employee (or union) arrive at arbitration?

How does an arbitrator know a witness is telling the truth?

Is an arbitrator bound by previous arbitration decisions?

Who decides what issue is to be decided in arbitration?

What happens if one party refused to attend the arbitration?

How are arbitrators chosen?

What is the difference between arbitration and mediation?

About arbitration and the public

Are arbitration awards made public?

Does the press have a right to “sit in on” arbitrations?

Why won’t an arbitrator talk with the press outside the hearing or when the arbitration case is completed?

About the arbitration process and the law

Can an arbitration award be appealed?

Can witnesses caught lying in an arbitration hearing be charged with perjury?

Is an arbitrator bound by external law or external legal procedures?

What happens if the losing party refuses to abide by an arbitration award?

About arbitrators

How does someone become a labor/management arbitrator?

Who monitors the quality of an arbitrator’s work?

Is there a Code of “Ethics” for arbitrators?