Are you curious?

Have you read about an arbitrator reinstating an employee or upholding the termination of an employee accused of misconduct at work? Have you heard about an arbitrator denying or granting pay raises to employees? Have you read editorials critical or supportive of arbitration and want to learn more?

Are you: . . .

  • a student searching for a singular resource to learn about arbitration generally or on a particular subject?
  • an employee with a dispute that may go to arbitration under a collective bargaining agreement?
  • an employee of a company that makes arbitration or mediation available to resolve workplace disputes?
  • an employer who is considering offering an employee the opportunity to arbitrate a wrongful discharge claim or a statutory employment claim?

….if so, help will be found here.

Arbitration Basics has information designed to answer your questions. It contains a glossary and general FAQs.

A more advanced presentation of arbitration subjects is located in the Professionals section.