Undergraduate Studies

In addition to offering advanced legal degrees, Mizzou Law offers a minor degree in law as well as courses in legal studies for undergraduate students at the University of Missouri.

Minor in Law

Offered in collaboration with the MU College of Arts & Science, the minor in law is open to undergraduate students pursuing any major who desire to deepen their understanding of the American legal system. Regardless of whether a student intends to seek a professional degree in law, the required and elective courses in the minor will help students to better understand the legal environment that affects workplaces of all kinds and which is relevant to public policy debates at the local, state, and federal levels.

Law Minor Requirements

Current and Upcoming Undergraduate Law Courses

Spring 2024

LAW 2010 (Crouch) — Law of the Internet
Society has moved online – so have our legal disputes. Most of us have tapped “I agree” without reading the fine print; streamed copyrighted works without paying a license fee; and crept someone via google and social media. Most of us have also been digitally hacked, phished, and spied upon; our personal data has been collected by private and governmental entities, and we have repeatedly heard these buzzwords of network neutrality and bitcoin. This is a survey course in the law of the internet — civics of the internet. We cover regulation of the internet and big media companies such as Facebook and Google; privacy law from various angles; liability for various nefarious activities (including actions taken by AI rather than humans); and yes, what happens when you click “I agree.” Although we discuss computer technology, this is not a high-tech class. You will not need any technical expertise beyond knowing about email, the worldwide web, and texting. This course has no prerequisites.

LAW 3800 (Langford) — Logical Reasoning and Legal Analysis
This course provides students with the basic concepts necessary to improve their scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), thereby improving their proficiency in key skills such as reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning.

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