Tim Heinsz Bow Tie Day

Early in each school year, the Tim Heinsz Bow Tie Day is held at MU School of Law and elsewhere.

For those who do not know, here is why we celebrate: First, who is Tim Heinsz? Tim Heinsz was the former Dean and Earl F. Nelson Professor of Law at the School of Law. He first joined the law faculty in 1979 as a visiting professor and became a full-time faculty member in 1981. He served as Dean from 1988 through 2002. He was an expert in the field of labor law and was a dear friend and colleague. Unfortunately, Tim died unexpectedly while jogging on the MKT Trail in July 2004.

Second, why “Bow Tie Day?” Tim almost always wore a bow tie. He started wearing them in honor of lawyer Archibald Cox. Cox was the United States’ Solicitor General under President John Kennedy and is well-known publicly as the prosecutor of those charged with crimes arising out of the Watergate break-in during Richard Nixon’s Presidency. Cox, too, wore a bow tie and Tim admired the courage, decency, and professional excellence that Cox showed during the Watergate era. As it turns out, Archibald Cox died a little over a month before Tim.

Bow Tie Day is not unique to the law school. On Tim Heinsz Bow Tie Day, many of Tim’s other colleagues in other schools and colleges on this campus, MU administrators, former colleagues now teaching at other law schools, Tim’s former students, and lawyers and judges around the country and the world will also participate. It is simply a small way to fondly remember a good father, a good husband, a good scholar, a good teacher, a good dean, but mostly a good friend.

Applause Walka photo of professor jim levin walking up stairs between lines of applauding students

In one of our most meaningful traditions, when a Mizzou Law professor retires from teaching, it is a tradition in Hulston Hall to give that professor an “Applause Walk” following their final class. Once a professor has finished teaching their final class, all Mizzou Law students, faculty and staff line up outside of the classroom, forming a tunnel to the door of Hulston Hall. When the retiring professor leaves the classroom for the final time, the Mizzou Law community breaks into cheers and applause. The professor walks out of the building through the tunnel of applauding students and colleagues offering their thanks and congratulations.

Tim Heinsz 5K, 10K & Jim Devine Dog Walk & Bob Bailey Bike Ride

The Annual Tim Heinsz 5K, 10K & Jim Devine Dog Walk & Bob Bailey Bike Ride honors the memory of three of Mizzou Law’s most beloved deans. Tim Heinsz served as dean of the MU School of Law and was an avid runner. Jim Devine served as associate dean of the school and was a noted dog lover. Bob Bailey was a long-time assistant dean and avid cyclist. Proceeds benefit the Timothy J. Heinsz Scholarship Fund.

Women’s Law Association Auction

Each spring the Women’s Law Association at the School of Law hosts a dinner and charity auction to help support various nonprofit groups throughout the surrounding community. This event allows faculty, staff, students and many businesses throughout the state of Missouri to give back to worthy causes. Some of the charities that have been benefited in the past include True North Women’s Shelter, Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Missouri and Happiness for Health (a service for the MU Children’s Hospital started by Prof. Doug Abrams).

The Women’s Law Association collects donations from businesses around the state all year long and compiles them together as part of a silent auction. These donations usually include event tickets, certificates and quality products. Along with this, it is a tradition for law school faculty and staff to donate package events to be bid on throughout the live auction event. This tradition gives bidders a chance to purchase one-of-a-kind experiences to be shared with the donating faculty member or staff group. Many auction items are donated every year and as a result, have helped create the buzz that makes this event so popular. Some of the most highly sought after experiences include cocktail classes, game nights, cooking classes, wine tastings, bike rides to Rocheport and golf rounds. The amazing faculty and staff members at the School of Law provide all of these events for the sake of raising money and awareness for nonprofit groups.

The auction gives students a chance to interact with the faculty and staff outside of school all while helping worthy causes. The silent auction offers students a chance to purchase products from businesses at a reduced price and encourages friendly bidding competition. Later in the night, the live auction picks up the pace as students vie for the coveted events they can share with their favorite professor or staff member. The whole event has become a wonderful tradition for the school and shows how united Mizzou Law is to give back to the surrounding community.