Will Aitchison, a Union-side labor law attorney based in Portland, Oregon and host of a podcast series available on Labor Relations Information System, interviews Margie Brogan, NAA Past President. Through Labor Relations Information System, Will provides seminars, books and training videos related to Public Safety Employee Labor Law and Arbitration.

The interview covers topics such as:

  • How much credence do you really give hearsay, anyway?
  • Would you rather see a brief and/or a closing argument and why?
  • What are the five things that irritate you as an arbitrator?
  • Are expert witnesses really worth the money and time?
  • Does the burden of proof in disciplinary cases really matter or are we all wasting a bunch of time?

Click here to listen to the podcast.

ArbitrationInfo.com thanks LRIS and Bill Aitchison for providing us free access to the podcast.

Labor Relations Information System, provides resources regarding personnel issues for public safety professionals and their employers including a comprehensive set of materials for police and firefighters, their union representatives, management, and attorneys working in the public safety arena.